Social Media Marketing Services

Sites are no longer ranked according to coding and layout only(things you directly can control) . Today, sites are also ranked on their extended reputation, Social Media engagement and interaction (you control the experience but not the outcome or feedback).

Static pages, your website, defines who you are, your product, how to get it and what you stand for. Your blogs, wikis and articles define what makes you, your product and/or service different, why people should have confidence and why you are the only logical.

Launching A Successful Social Media Campaign

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing  or ‘buzz’ marketing allows your company to create conversations in a targeted market segment, facilitating greater brand awareness, thus adding measurable value to your brand.

Traditional advertising is static, the motivation is generally not changing. It may take Coke 9 months from first thought to actually launching a traditional media campaign. Welcome to the 21st Century, 'real time', always on - advertising. Social Media does not sleep, ever! If it takes you more than 4 hours to 2 days to fine tune your message, you missed 'the moment' to maximize potential for your campaign.

Social Media campaigns are more than just the latest fad. To launch a successful social media campaign, you must have a firm knowledge of who you want to influence and the emotions you need to connect with for target audience engagement. Connect with the public in ways that facilitate them wanting to get involved and continue the conversation without you.

'Viral Marketing' occurs when a message explodes like wildfire.

The faster it spreads, the greater the impact. Combining today's technology with real-time data shortens the development curve drastically and up front investment. Marketers can take chances and jump at opportunities of the moment like never before.

A new playing field calls for new rules. Impressions used to be king. Today it is more than just views, it's about the measurement of engagement, real-time data. How are people connecting with your content? Use your data to understand how people are interacting with your content in a direction that continues the conversation. How many retweets occurred? Emails to friends from your content? All readily available tools and metrics.

A perfect example is today's Tonight Show with Conan O'brien broadcast. He is in dispute with NBC because they want to give the host position back to Jay Leno and remove him, due to no fault of his own. Create a simple flash animation of 'Talk show Host Shooting Gallery' sponsored by your company. Pick from Jay Leno or Conan O'brien, reach a certain score and maybe it will unlock David Letterman or something like that.

Today's trending topic on twitter is Jay and Conan, market your flash to that audience, next your animation becomes the trending topic tomorrow. Tomorrow night all of the talk shows mention it and some even show it. By the following morning, the news becomes how your companies animation is sweeping the net, TV and Social Media, driving a % of traffic back to you, creating brand awareness and recognition.

Trends in buzz, viral and word-of-mouth marketing are now tracked and monitored to further refine their marketing strategies. Success means being ready to jump into the fray quickly and strike while the topic is 'HOT'. Google Search indexing predicted the release of the latest round of Macbooks and iMacs based on minute Apple advertising activity it picked up worldwide weeks before Apple announced anything publicly. When Google begins predicting stocks and Superbowl winners weeks early, then we have a problem. Technology does not stop.

AES Social Media Marketing Strategy

We have broken it down into essential steps.

  • Create accounts on all social networks desired
  • Customize each account to your company’s satisfaction
  • Optimize each network for content to be easily transferred
  • Establish targeted connections
  • Communicate with connections
  • Use social networking services, forums and discussion threads to connect with others
  • If video content is available, submit to YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video and others.
  • Social bookmarking
Now your Brand is prepared to act.