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Did you know that 70% of all online e-Commerce occurs on either Amazon or eBay? Amazons' busiest day in 2009 produced one order every 6 seconds, that's over 6 million orders in one day!

The company that I was working with did 1 order every 5 minutes on that same day just on Amazon, a feat for any company to brag about. Mastering Amazon is similar to mastering Chess. Always be looking 2 to 3 moves ahead. Anticipate your competitions next move before they think of it, exploit their weaknesses and out perform their best performance. Watch for trends and turn every customer into a Raving Fan of your products and service. Just a small business? Then why not utilize Amazons' marketing power and finances to build your brand?

Get your name and brand in front of as many eyes as you can. Even if you are not the lowest price, if your name/brand comes up on every search result on every search engine, comparison shopping site, review site and niche blog.... they will take notice. Amazon was out bidding a recent client on Adwords for their own company name! We were able to cut back on Adword expenses because we had products everywhere. A search for a product might have 10 results on the first page, the company sites, amazon sites, amazon associate and reseller sites, eBay sites, comparison sites and their resellers. Let others pay the PPC fee if you can!

Listed below are some great products that we feel are power hitters and quality brands! Have Fun!

Stay tuned here for additional exciting great products, including Carbon Fiber products. Would you use a carbon fiber wallet or site on a carbon fiber toilet seat?