Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a very important part of the new search algorithms for 2010. On the World Wide Web of 2010, individuals have the ability to contribute to a company's reputation either positively or negatively via blogs, forums, and social media sites.

More companies are witnessing disastrous repercussions from disgruntled employees, customers or in some instances even their competition posting content to the web. Potential customers can be easily influenced by what they see and read online.

Customer Service and Business Reputation

Often, the first place people will look for information on your brand or service will be a search engine. In an environment where new user-generated content often ranks higher than commercial content, it's vital to monitor what consumers are saying about your brand. Managing your online reputation is just as vital as your offline one.

reputation management

The bottom line is very few companies have strategies related to managing their "online reputation". AES utilizes a pre-emptive Reputation Management Strategy to proactively shield your brand-image from damaging content brought to light through search engine queries.

We displace / push down the negative listings with favorable ones and listings that you can control or influence. We also coach our clients to address any negative concerns expressed by sincere consumers to effectively prevent the spread of negative information.

Adverse commentary is not restricted solely to search engine results pages. In our process of pre-emptive Reputation Management, we create and promote multiple websites, blogs, and company/personal profiles designed to control the top 20-30 results of the major search engines. We proactively inject controlled, positive, branded content throughout the web.

  • Submit targeted articles about you, your business / product or service.
  • Search Engine Reputation Marketing (SERM)
  • Reputation Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Link Building

Incoming, 1-way links to your website are part of the building blocks of web success. There are many SEO professionals out there offering information about the best methods of gaining backlinks, but what about the basic facts of why these links are so important to the small website that may have no idea what backlinks even are? To clear that up, backlinks are hyperlinks published on other websites leading to your website and there are major advantages to building these hyperlinks.

one way link building
  • Search Engine Ranking - Links increase Search Engine ranking
  • Traffic - better ranking = your site is returning in search results more often = increased traffic
  • Trust and Reputation - People trust links on reputable sites.

At AES, we diligently build links to your site using only reputable worthy partners. We do not and will not submit your site to link farms for worthless backlinks.