Press Release Writing Service

announce news with a press release

Developing a Press Release is an effective way for business enhancement, brand building and online promotion. We offer press release writing and submission services to announce your news to the media and attract coverage for your company in print, broadcast and online.

Our press releases are written specifically in a search engine optimized way to ensure that it ranks well on search engines to ensure maximum visibility. A press release written expressly for your business by an experienced journalist can help your company in more ways than you might imagine. Our press release copy writing service communicates, sells, informs, brands…and more.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimized Press Releases:

  • Business press releases announce your news to the media and attract coverage of your company in print, broadcast and online.
  • They introduce new audiences of consumers to your products/services.
  • Search engine optimized press releases also attract targeted traffic to your web page by appearing in search results for relevant terms.
  • An optimized press release contributes valuable incoming links to your website, a feature highly valued by the search engines in ranking your site.
  • We write press releases, we distribute them on your behalf to targeted journalists and we syndicate them online.

Our press release writing team is experienced is made up of journalists that see press releases everyday. They are veterans and established professionals experienced in journalism and PR. Our press distribution lists are unique to each press release and press releases are mostly business oriented. Conveying your announcement to the press and the search engines will be prime aim of our press releases.

Press Release Writing Services

  • New Products and Services: Press Releases related to your products and services are focused towards your products, services and their target sale. It is written in language that will spur the readers interest. Usually written in a consumer friendly tone, with a business oriented technical under tone, our press releases enhance your customer base.
  • Executive Announcements: Your important corporate announcements like company policies, recruitment ads can also be covered in press releases. They help to drive traffic, build interest and reputation.
  • Commentary Release: A brief intro about your manufacturing details and new ventures to influence potential customers is excellent press release content.