Content Management System

AES offers state of the art content management solutions for websites, blogs, portals etc.... In general, most businesses want to handle their website content by themselves. We utilize CM systems that provide the utmost freedom to the user to maintain their website. Most CMS offer user friendly interfaces through well designed panels which can be handled by any novice user on web.

Our CMS offers some unique features:

  • User access level will be set on a feature-by-feature basis i.e. page edit; page delete, statistics access, newsletter access etc.
  • Add New webpageContent Management System
  • Edit Existing webpage
  • Delete webpage
  • WYSWYG Editor (upload any files like pdf, doc, flash, Etc..)
  • Order of Web Pages/links
  • Preview webpage
  • Insert/Edit Meta tags (for search engine)
  • Add Main links and Sub links

News Articles:

  • Add news articles with Pictures
  • Edit news articles
  • Delete news articles
  • WYSWYG Editor (upload any files like pdf, doc, flash, Etc..)


  • Add, Edit, Delete Albums to Gallerycopy writing
  • Upload pictures to Gallery
  • Edit, Delete pictures from gallery
  • Re-size pictures
  • Change the order of pictures


  • Create Newsletter Template and distribute via e-mail
  • Subscribe - Unsubscribe Facilities
  • Archive Newsletter Template