Product / Service Branding

brand recognition

Product branding, service branding and brand recognition are a vital part of building a business that is above the rest. Today, many markets and businesses are buried under conflicting marketing messages. When a new product or service is ready for market, it is vital to stand out above the rest. Dominant brand recognition can provide any product or service with a competitive advantage that simply cannot be created as quickly with any sort of stand alone marketing campaign. It is crucial for any business that wishes its' product or service to succeed to create consistent brand awareness and recognition. The advent of the Internet and web marketing has flooded the landscape with businesses and competitors.

What is a Brand?

A brand is a symbol that represents something else. A brand should invoke associations with a product or company. Preferably good thoughts are accompanied with those brand images. Brands set expectations. People know what to expect from a brand they are familiar with. That is how marketers would like it perceived. They want a brand name that is recognized and an image that invokes feelings of trust, security and whatever other messages they are trying to convey.

Brand recognition on the Internet begins with the website, the colors, the logo, the message conveyed by the site. If your brand image is powerful enough, people will remember it and relate their experience, feelings and satisfaction with the outcome experienced with it.

At AES Branding begins with :

global brand awareness
  • Logo Design
  • Brochure & Catalog
  • Posters
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Product Flyer
  • CD/DVD Label Designing
  • Packaging Designing

Brand Marketing

After brand establishment, comes brand marketing. Everyone and everything within a business must walk and talk the brand. Every contact made must not only hear the brand name, they must experience the message that is part of the brand. For example, the AES slogan is 'Your Next Level Of Success'. That is the message we are trying to get across with our brand. When we have our first contact with a customer, we are doing the brand a great disservice if we are not building up every client to feel that this is the next logical step for them.

brand reach

Your product or service and the goals we are working towards determines where we take the next step. If you sell a specific type of shoe, we are going to get your brand anywhere and everywhere that type or similar shoe is searched, compared, talked about etc.... At AES, we will create ways to market your name and brand to ensure that there is recognition.

Brand Recognition Marketing

  • Brand Promotion
  • Partnering with other brands
  • Goodwill
  • Press releases
  • Blog and Article Writing