About Advantage Ecommerce Solutions

Success on the Internet has evolved from a form of Art to a mix of both Science and Art. Web design, SEO, PPC Advertising has become a Science while the Art Form comes in the application of the Science successfully in context with each unique site.

Brick and Mortar business principals do not produce the same results online. Available technology has helped establish more of a level playing field for business. closequoteOpportunity on the Internet is the great equalizer, giving small business many of the same market access points once only available to big business.

Advantage Ecommerce Solutions is the vision of entrepreneur Joe Reichsfeld. His goal is in helping others achieve success through taking advantage of the markets and available technology on the net. Since the age of 18, Joe has been managing and owning businesses, always looking for or being assigned projects that possessed the biggest opportunities for development.

He has an obsession with measurable results, contributing information and statistics as well as studying the competition. His goal with every project is to understand the product, customers, markets and the competition better than they themselves do. Only then can you truly be able to exploit the competition, find your niche and grow your brand. Using a clear picture including all of the variables enables AES to shape the market for its' clients

Joe started his first Internet company in 1995 and has been involved ever since. In 1999, he established Jagsweb Design and Aztec Art Works, a family owned online Southwest Art and Furniture Brokerage. He established a strong reputation in the Southwest Art markets, expanding to become one of the busiest SW Art sites on the net. The most important things in life to him are his kids, a sense of humor and living life to the fullest everyday.

Our Research Team

research team

Advantage Ecommerce Solutions is a family owned, small business. We work hard to control our expenses and overhead to keep your costs affordable. We do not maintain a heavy corporate structure and try our hardest to maintain a transparent pricing structure.

The AES Team is made up of group of business professionals totaling many years of experience from a broad range of industries. Each professionals' background lends a specialty to a particular area of the functionality of your business. You may only come in contact with one or two people during your experience with AES, but there is a team of different people working on your project in the background. They partner in a team atmosphere with each person contributing from their area of expertise towards the common purpose of site user experience, function, sales and retention.

Our Partners

global partnersThere is an old saying, "You’re only as good as those around you". Just as we hand pick the individuals that make up the Advantage Ecommerce Research Team, we also hand select our business partners. We have chosen to recommend several businesses that we have worked with and feel are on the cutting edge of current technology.